Anderson Development Company, (ADC) has recently expanded our polyurethane product line. Through the diligent work and innovation of our R&D teams, we have been able to create highly competitive products that meet our customer’s needs. Recently ADC has introduced the Andur® LV Series containing four new products: Andur® LV 60 DPLF, Andur® LV 65 DPLF, Andur® LV 70 DPLF, and Andur® LV 75 DPLF, all indicated with “LV” meaning low viscosity; offering many advantages over standard products.

Andur LV products are low free TDI prepolymers based on PTMEG, which are lower in viscosity than our standard LFTDI PTMEG products, especially at temperatures closer to ambient. This makes it easier to dispense from the container with minimal heat and easier to pour during processing.  The LV products also have longer potlife, which is especially helpful on harder durometer materials.  Their tensile and tear strength is equivalent to our other standard PTMEGs as well.

The brittleness temperature on the LV products is slightly higher than the standard products, so for extremely cold applications our standard PTMEG products have a slight edge. From the processor side, these prepolymers have increased clarity when cast with MBOCA, which enables processors to pigment parts and attain minimal color change as the elastomer cures.  Our standard materials have more of an opaque appearance, whereas these products will appear more translucent.

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