You may not see our products on the shelf, but we guarantee you've seen our products in use!

Anderson Development

Our Polyurethane Resins go into everything from in-line skate wheels, fork truck tires, large rolls in paper and steel mills and everywhere in between. Polyurethane looks or feels like rubber, but is tougher and lasts longer.

Our Acrylic Resins are used in the automotive industry for environmentally-friendly coatings to protect the wheels on your car. If your car has aluminum wheels on it, there's a good chance it has our resin on it! This kind of coating cuts the CO2 and VOC footprint drastically.

Our Organoborates go into products that make better computer chips and medicines that keep you healthy.

We also provide Custom Manufacturing services that serve many different industries like healthcare products, catalysts, agriculture, electronics, and more!


We take pride in the many opportunities our employees have taken to further their careers at ADC. These video testimonials allow employees to share their journey working for ADC. Take a few moments to get to know us!

Mark Kramer

President & CEO

Dana Walsh

Business Manager

Jody Peters

Maintenance Mechanic


As a full-service chemical manufacturing facility, we have diverse career opportunities at our Adrian, MI facility.


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We support career development through rewards and promotions. We encourage our employees to confront challenges and further develop their abilities. We stimulate meritocracy, equal opportunities and motivation. We invest in our employees and they express their gratitude by support us in their working career.


There’s life at work and life outside of work. We want our employees to be healthy and have the financial resources and support they need. Work with us, and enjoy benefits such as:

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We are honored to help serve and support the veteran community and we are grateful to be recognized as a Veteran‑Friendly Employer. Veterans, Veteran spouses, and Veteran dependents are encouraged to apply.